News in 2011 

August 2011
Sales of commercial site in Józefosław district of Warsaw to Dino Markets

August 2011
Completion of first phase of duplex house project in Wawer district of Warsaw delivered on time.

News in 2010

October 2010
Acquisition of 45.000 site in the Józefosław district of southern Warsaw for break up into individual sites for villas and commercial development.

June 2010:
We’ve broken grounds for residential project in Warsaw – Wawer, 36 duplex houses. Prices starting at 599.000 pln incl VAT. See more at

January 2010:
We opened sales office for Osiedle Jezioro Jasien in Gdansk.


News in 2009:


Like most other developers CityLand has tactically reduced both acquisitions of land and launching new developments while the market finds its feet and adjusts to

the effects and distortions of the interest rate support scheme for first time home buyers introduced by the Polish government in early 2009.


While marking time CityLand has accelerated plans for engagement in revenue secured renewable energy projects in Poland including both wind and hydro power projects.



September 2009


CityLand completes on time the first phase of its 144 unit Gdansk projects by Jasien Lake. In the same time, show apartment has been prepared and can now be visitied.


News in 2008:


December 2008

CityLand continues to build up its pipeline of land in the Gdańsk area for attractive dwellings for the upper mid market segment.


October 2008

In the teeth of the worst credit crisis in memory CityLand buys prime site in Katowice for the development of 80 apartments for the top end of the market. Ground breaking is planned for late summer 2009 with estimated completion time within 16 months from ground breaking.


The funding of the project is secured in partnership with Scandinavian investors and demontrates CityLand’s ability to raise equity finance despite difficult conditions in world credit markets.


September 2008

Completion of turn key construction contract for Phase I (Buildings: A1B1, A2B2 – 24 units) link. The site has already been taken over by the Contractor and ground works have been launched. The nominated company is Gdańsk based Przembud Gdańsk S.A., well respected and with long track of experience in construction works. The construction period will take 12 months. See first pictures in our Projects section.


April 2008

First market presentaion of the Osiedle Jezioro Jasien project in Gdańsk of 120 high quality apartments in 20 villa-type buildings of modern architecture and direct access to the lake. For more information please visit Osiedle Jezioro Jasien website.


March 2008

Start of sales to the individual customers of the Queens Garden project located in southern Warsaw, in Józefosław.  For more information please visit


February 2008

CityLand has successfully pioneered a direct private equity syndication funding model for residential development directly at source with high net worth individuals taking the investors on board deep down the value chain aiming at superb investor return, low risk, high transparency and hands on investor control. The funding model practically eliminates lending risk for subsequent construction finance, enhances investor return and limits risk for both investors and financiers.



News in 2007:


December 2007

CityLand acquires a second site in Gdansk only 450 meters from the beach half way between Gdansk centre and Sopot overlooking protected parkland. The site is covered by the Gdansk urban plan and allocated for residential development. The project will cover 70 de luxe apartments for the top end of the market. Construction start is scheduled to start during the third quarter of 2008.


December 2007

Purchase of prime site close to downtown Katowice with planning permission for net 5.500 m2 residential space translating into 90 apartment for the mid – to upper mid market segment. Construction start expected to take place in August or early September 2008.


June 2007

CityLand enters the TriCity market with the acquisition of a top site in Gdansk for 120 apartments all with a south west orientated view over a lake and forest land. By the time the apartments are completed in the autumn 2009 the travel time by car to downtown Gdansk should not be more than 20 minutes. The distance to the Gdansk Airport will be about 10 minutes. The apartments aim for the upper middle market segment with affordable accommodation of high standard.

January 2007

Land purchase – CityLand wins Public Tender for 14.505 m2 land in Wilanow district, Warsaw for semi detached low built housing. The land initially goes into the CityLand land bank for later use.



News in 2006:


December 2006

Purchase of 11.369 m2 land designated for low built housing. The site will be developed into 36 semi detached family homes of 190 m2 – including 65m2 lower ground floor each. All the dwellings will have a private garden.


November 2006

Breaking ground – 240 apartments – CityLand Park – Jozefoslaw district, Warsaw.


June 2006

Partnership with Walls A/S, of Copenhagen for the development of CityLand Park – Jozefoslaw district, Warsaw.


May 2006

Land purchase – 240 apartments – CityLand Park – Jozefoslaw district, Warsaw.